August 31, 2014

Nerf in 2015!

Thanks to Pocket of Urban Taggers fame for posting this on Facebook! Looks legitimate, and has some upcoming blasters shown!

Some of the blaster names you can make out, and their shapes. There's what appears to be a new "sniper rifle", a Strongarm with swapping turrets, and many other surprises. Hopefully we'll hear more in the future!

August 28, 2014

Buzz Bee Gunsmoke Review

Which is better: firing two darts, or one dart with cool effects? That's the basic difference between the classes Buzz Bee Double Shot and their new blaster, Gunsmoke. An extra $5 (for a total of $15 on the price tag at Walmart) means that instead of the second dart, an electronic unit will release a puff of "smoke" whenever darts are fired. Read on to find out what makes this blaster tic, and to see if it's worth your money!

August 26, 2014

Playskool Heroes Marvel Super Hero Adventures Captain America Shield Launcher Review

What a mouthful!

While wandering the aisles of Meijer, I decided to check the preschool toys section for any blasters meant for young kids. Turns out that even though the Koosh ball blasters are long gone from shelves, those round foam projectiles are not!


August 23, 2014

Zuru X-Shot Zombie Scope Review

Earlier this week, I decided to skip my thrifting and instead check the inventories of several large and small retail establishments. When I stopped at Roses Discount Store (one of the stores under the Variety Wholesalers umbrella), I found a blaster I had never seen anywhere in the US, even though it had been out for quite a while. (Feel free to correct me if you've seen this blaster elsewhere).

For just $10, I got the X-Shot Zombie Scope, plus six darts and six target cans. The box claims ranges of up to 55 ft. Turns out that the box doesn't lie, and this blaster has the potential for even more!

August 19, 2014

Blaster Blogs in the Wild!

I was at Walmart the other day, seeing what items were in stock. Most of the new Rebelle and Buzz Bee toy blasters had yet to appear, although I did find some of the now-abandoned Buzz Bee Splash Darts, which I bought just for the fun of it. Then I came to the R/C section and found this:

"Shoots farther, fires faster, hits harder...Period."
That's right; Skyrocket Toys is quoting the Blasterlabs review on the front of the box! Out of interest, I checked the Skyrocket Toys website to see if anything else was cited - turns out under news, they have a link to the Bay Area Nerf review.

It's pretty awesome seeing reviews from the Nerf Internet Community on packages. Obviously, since this isn't a Nerf product, it doesn't have the name brand recognition, so having a glowing recommendation from a serious site is going to help in the effort to move merchandise. I'm not saying the rest of us aren't serious. I just doubt I'll see "Buffdaddy Nerf" on a box anytime soon. :P

Congrats, Blasterlabs!